MaxG (Vascular Lesions & Pigmented Lesions)

Improved specs on MaxG

Shorter pulse widths at higher peak power now available for more PDL like capabilities

New external calibration port

Ensures that your running at peak efficiency treatment to treatment

Spectral Shift Technology

Occurs when power density is changed by changing fluence and/or pulse width. 30% of the energy in the highly absorbed spectral band (500 to 670 nm) is shifted to the deeper penetrating longer wavelength band (870 to 1200 nm)

4mm Adaptor for MaxG

Needed a small spot to close vessels on darker skin types (type IVs) Hard to close vessels on a platform device, even harder to close using a small spot

MaxG_ Specification

  • Wavelength: 500-670 nm & 870-1200 nm
  • Spot Size: 10 x 15 mm
  • Maximum Fluence: 80 J/cm2
  • Pulsewidth: 5 - 100 ms