MaxY( Hair Reduction & Pigmented Lesions)

Improved specs on MaxY

Shorter pulse widths at higher peak power now available Offers 30% increase in peak powers at shorter pulse durations

New external calibration port

Ensures that your running at peak efficiency treatment to treatment

Permanent hair reduction ideal for any skin type and any hair type

Offers high peak power of the optimal wavelengths of light to treat difficult, resistant areas of finer, lighter hair, and delivers optimally-filtered light for the treatment of darker pigmented lesions with a larger spot size for faster treatments on larger areas

Spectral Output

MaxY_ Specification

  • Wavelength: 525-1200 nm
  • Spot Size: 16 x 46 mm
  • Maximum Fluence: 50 J/cm2
  • Pulsewidth: 1 - 100 ms