CoolGlide Vantage


The versatile CoolGlide long-pulse Nd:YAG platform fits this profile exceptionally well, providing efficacious treatments for the most sought after patient applications: permanent hair reduction and vascular therapy.

To treat all types of patients, your laser must be able to treat at therapeutic levels at all fluences and repetition rates to achieve uncompromised efficacy. The proprietary design of the CoolGlide power supply delivers this and more. GoolGlide Vantage is designed to give the clinician independent control of the fluence, pulse width and repetition rate. Independent control over these parameters.

Integrated Contact Cooling

Each configuration of the CoolGlide includes bulk, integrated cooling providing exceptional epidermal protection and patient comfort – all without the added cost of cryogen or external coolers.

East to Use

CoolGlide Vantage is simple to operate. The 1064 nm handpiece is lightweight and easy to hold. Changing spot sizes is as effortless as turning a dial – allowing you to easily treat a wide range of vessel sizes.

Absorption by Wavelength

Penetration Depth


Light Source High Peak Power, Long Pulse ND:YAG
Wavelength 1064nm
Fluence Up to 300J/cm2
Pulse Width 0.1~300 msec
Spot Siz Integrated 3,5,7,10mm (1064nm)
Repetition SS, up to 10Hz (1064nm)
Epidermal Preservation/Cooling Temperature Regulated Contact Cooling
Electrica 115/V20A or 230V/20A
System Cooling Internal, Self-contained
System Size 12”× 19”× 30”(plus adjustable hand piece tree)
Weight 135 lbs.