EX-380 Eximer Laser



Localized areas, especially face including peri-orbital, neck, and torso


Localized areas after topicals fail (≤ 10% BSA) In combination with NB UVB/PUVA, injections/biologics, and methotrexate for recalcitrant plaques Difficult to treat areas: Scalp, Hands, Feet, Intertriginous Lesions


Highly energetic XeCl excimer lasers induce 4 times the T-cell Apoptosis vs. bulb NB UVB at 308-nm.2 ex380_energy


Highly collimated laser beam minimizes surface and epidermal scatter and maximizes penetration of light to the basal layer for optimal clinical outcomes.


Proprietary aiming beam and corresponding adjustable spot size enable fast and easy precision treatments and spare healthy tissue from UV exposur

Aiming Beam ex380_targeting ex380_targeting ex380_targeting
Laser Beam

By gently sliding the finger-switch on the handpiece, the laser beam is easily contoured to match the size and shape of the lesion.

Beam Uniformity

The flat-top beam profile means there are no “hot-spots”, thereby ensuring uniform dose delivery for optimal patient comfort and results.


Laser Type Xenon-chloride Excimer Laser
Wavelength 308nm      
Max pulse Repetition Rate 150Hz
Max Output power 2.25W
Delivery 1.5m Liquid Filled Fiber Optic
Fiber Life 25 Million Shots , User Replaceable
Beam Size Continuously Adjustable from 18mm to 2mm 
Operating Modes Intermittent , Continuous , Custom 
Electrical Inputs 115VAC , 6A , 47Hz to 63Hz
230VAC , 3A , 47Hz to 63Hz
Gas XeHCl Mix
Mirror Life 25 Million Shots
Weight 48kg (106 lbs)
Size 36cm Wide x 68cm Long x 82cm tall