The AcuTip follows a long line of innovative clinical solutions from Cutera. The emission band of the AcuTip is 500-635 nm, ideal for hemoglobin and melanin. The unique design combines the targeted delivery of a laser with the economics of flashlamp technology. The contact tip offers exceptional visibility as you treat discrete lesions rapidly and effectively. The AcuTip delivers what you need in one dynamic handpiece.

Highlight of AcuTip

  • Proprietary optical filter design emits optimized spectrum of 500-635nm light
  • Highly absorbed by Hemoglobin and Melanin
  • The treatment applicator is a 6.35 mm cooled sapphire rod.
  • This allows treatment of individual vessels and pigmented lesions without effecting adjoining areas.
  • Works much like visible lasers.


Light source Flash Lamp
Wavelength 500 - 635nm
Fluence Range 3 - 24J/cm2
Pulse Width Automatic
Spot Size 6.35mm
Cooling 10 or 20℃
Repetition 1 Hz